Tuesday, May 27, 2008

PRAGMATISM...one of the devil's most insidious and successful methods to deceive

Pragmatism - if it works it must be right - judging by appearance, has always been a deadly and deceptive method employed by the devil. By it, both ministers and ministries are judged either true or false based solely on quantifiable, observable results. After all, we are told that the numbers don't lie! Really? How about the twelve spies sent to spy out the Promised Land and they came back to Moses with their report - ten said that its conquest could not be done and two said that it could. Two were right and ten were wrong! How about Elijah God's prophet and the three hundred and fifty prophets of Baal - one true and three hundred and fifty false! Or how about Jeremiah the prophet who ministered for forty years with no quantifiable, observable results - and yet he was vindicated by God and history!

Jesus said, "Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment" (John 7:24). Many are falling prey to the grave error of judging by appearance and therefore many are being deceived by ministers and ministries that appear to be right but are actually wrong.

What would you say of this pastor?

He knows how to inspire hope.
He is committed to people in need.
He counsels prisoners and juvenile delinquents.
He starts job placement centers.
He opens rest homes and homes for the retarded.
He has a health clinic.
He organizes vocational training centers.
He provides free legal aid.
He opens community centers.
He preaches about God.
He creates warm Christian community.
His membership quickly exceeded 1000.

Do you like him? Do you think he is the man for the job? Would your church call him to be your next pastor? I hope not! He's the man in the picture and that was Jim Jones who was the pastor of the People’s Temple Christian Church. Jim Jones and almost a thousand of his most loyal followers committed suicide in the jungles of South America.
Nothing has changed! Men today are still being deceived by judging by appearance.

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