Friday, May 9, 2008

The Ecumenical Movement

Imagine the apostle Paul or any apostle, prophet, evangelist, or preacher and teacher with an ecumenical agenda to unite the world religions to "solve the world's problems"! Can you really fathom the apostle Paul going to Athens seeking to unite Judaism, Christianity, and all of the various religions of Athens for the purpose of developing a global partnership for development, eradicating poverty and hunger, curing diseases, and offering primary education? Can you imagine the apostle Paul going to Ephesus and seeking to unite Judaism, Christianity, and the Temple of Artemis for those same reasons?
Can an ecumenical movement truly accomplish God's will and purpose for His Church? Can righteousness and lawlessness partnership? Can light and darkness fellowship? Can God be in agreement with idolatry? No!
This is why a moral majority is an exercise in futility and also hostility towards God. Religious pluralism is anti-Christ and is spiritual harlotry! This ecumenical harlotry has the appearance of righteousness because of its foundation of philosophical humanism. Do not be deceived, the ecumenical movement is a doctrine of demons!
You might be surprised and horrified to discover who are some of the major proponents of this ungodly alliance. For a primer listen to this!

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