Monday, July 13, 2009

Universal Guilt of the Whole World

As we have been studying through Romans, in the first two chapters, we, both Gentiles and Jews, have been summoned into God’s courtroom and presented with the charges against us (that we are sinners) and the evidence has been given which proves our guilt beyond any shadow of doubt. All the Gentiles who did not have God’s Law sinned against the law that was written in their hearts and therefore they would perish without the Law. All the Jews who had God’s Law and sinned against the Law will be judged by the Law and perish with it.

God in His Word has established the total depravity of humanity and the impending condemnation for the unrepentant at the revelation of the righteous judgment of God. This is the bad news – this is the dark and black backdrop against which God will display His shining and radiant diamond of good news – the Gospel.

Having removed all arguments from would be debaters in the first eight verses of Romans 3, the apostle Paul now turned to the last witness – the Law - and the most incriminating evidence given by that witness – God’s all-knowing, all-seeing, and never wrong evaluation of mankind! Here, the last witness summoned to give testimony, gives evidence of the universal guilt of the whole world.

First of all there is the charge (3:9) – all are under sin

Second there is the witness (3:10a) – “as it is written” means that the Law is the witness.

Third the charge is repeated by the Law itself (3:10b) – “There is none righteous, not even one.”

Fourth there is the evidence to prove the charge beyond any reasonable doubt (3:11-18) – this evidence is threefold and involves the whole man and not just part of him – referring again to the total depravity of humanity.

I. The evidence of corrupt character (3:11-12) – depraved will
A. The mind is corrupt – “There is none who understands
B. The heart is corrupt – “There is none who seeks for God.”
C. The will is corrupt – “All have turned aside, together they have become useless; there is none who does good, there is not even one.”

II. The evidence of corrupt conversation (3:13-14) – deceitful words - a person’s corrupt character will manifest itself in corrupt conversation.
A. (13a) – Psalm 5:9
B. (13b) – Psalm 140:3
C. (14) – Psalm 10:7

III. The evidence of corrupt conduct (3:15-18) – destructive ways
A. (15-17) – Isaiah 59:7-8
B. (18) – Psalm 36:1

Fifth there is the verdict (3:19-20) – unredeemed humanity is guilty of all charges and has no defense because God who is true and cannot lie has made His case and the whole world must stand in silence acknowledge that He is right!

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