Friday, June 6, 2008

Man's Spiritual Inability

Have you ever heard, "God helps those who help themselves"? That phrase is floated around among many evangelicals as though it is found in the Bible as part of God's Word. Actually that is not in the Bible and is not biblical and is not true - it is heresy! To teach that God helps those who help themselves is a denial of man's spiritual inability or total depravity which is explicitly taught in the Bible.

Our culture has taught us that for mankind "all things are possible." So the thought that there is nothing we can do to get right with God seems wrong to us. The truth that we need the grace of God without any of our own efforts (see Ephesians 2:8-9), that God would dare help those who cannot help themselves, is the true and biblical teaching on the spiritual inability of man and is rejected by the mind set on the flesh.

Here is a very powerful sermon entitled God Helps Those Who Cannot Help Themselves and was preached by pastor Jeff Noblit at a Deacon's retreat. It is well worth the time necessary to listen.

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