Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Symptoms of Apostasy

I have recently been asked to reveal why I believe that the Postmodern Movements of our day are wrong or to put it another way; what I consider to be poisonous in their doctrines. This is no trivial matter, having serious ramifications either for these movements as apostate deceivers or for myself as an apostate deceiver who opposes the truth. If these movements are true then I am a liar! If these movements are apostate then I speak the truth!

In order to arrive at the truth we are going to have to reason from the Scriptures and search them daily to see if these things are so. I will labor to show the biblical violations, the logical fallacies, and the philosophy disguised as theology of these apostate movements. This may take some time and possibly more than one post.

First we will consider the symptoms of apostasy as revealed in the Bible and examine these movements carefully to see if they indeed have the symptoms. Next we will consider their soteriology, ecclesiology, and eschatology to see if they are operating in those areas based on philosophy or theology. And then we will consider together the coming counterfeit revival that will be the final outcome of these apostate movements.

The Symptoms of Apostasy

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